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Monday, May 30, 2011

Playing, hunting and resting - beautiful setters!

Beautiful Skeeter

but i saw it go in there!

you have to come down sooner or later...

I'm waiting.....

take a break brother - i'll wait, love Tucker

Hannah taking her turn waiting for the chipmunk :)

onto something else to hunt

backing nicely!

DeCoverly's Maysie Mae

Quick Silver Hogan - resting...

breaks over!

ninja setters

DeCoverly's Buck Da Bone aka Tucker

Tucker playing with Skeeter

Skeeter taking a break

Hogan on the prowl

Hi my beautiful boy!

I think I can climb this tree.. someone give me a boost

looking for more prey

Quick Silver Hannah

Quick Silver Skeeter

DeCoverly's Buck Da Bone aka Tucker

love you momma! now put down the camera

more coffee please

Daddy Tucker